Menu Archive – 18th to 27th October 2016

Menu Archive – 18th to 27th October 2016


  • Jimmy’s Beef Casserole with Garlic Mash [pic]
  • Tangy Chicken with Kimchi Fried Rice [pic]
  • BBQ Pork with Rice [pic]
  • Malaysian Chicken Curry with Rice [pic]
  • Nasi Lemak [pic]
  • Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables with Rice

Daily Specials


  • Meat Special: Chicken Katsu with Rice
  • Veggie Special: Teriyaki Mushrooms with Rice Noodles


  • Meat Special: Bulgogi – Korean Marinated Beef with Rice
  • Veggie Special: Tofu with Kimchi Stew


  • Meat Special: Sweet and Sour Fish with Rice
  • Veggie Special: Crispy Oyster Mushrooms with Tangy Sauce with Rice