Menu Archive – 5th to 16th September 2016

Menu Archive –  Monday 5th to Friday 16th September

(Current Menu)


  • Jimmy’s Beef Casserole with Garlic Mash [pic]
  • Tangy Chicken with Kimchi Fried Rice [pic]
  • BBQ Pork with Rice [pic]
  • Malaysian Chicken Curry with Rice [pic]
  • Nasi Lemak [pic]
  • Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables with Rice

Daily Specials


  • Meat Special: Honey Chicken served with Fried Rice
  • Veggie Special: Crumbed Fish served with Baked Sweet Potato and Salad


  • Meat Special: Nasi Briyani with Dhal Curry and Eggplant Sambal
  • Veggie Special: Prawn Curry with Coconut Rice


  • Meat Special: Chicken lasagna
  • Veggie Special: Golden Vegie Shepard’s Pie


  • Meat Special: Chicken Katsu Served with Rice and Salad
  • Veggie Special: Agadeshi Tofu Served with Rice and Salad


  • Meat Special: Chicken and Mushroom Casserole
  • Veggie Special: Fish and Leek Pie

All Main Dishes are Great Value at $12 each (subject to change soon – so get in quick!)

Nibbles & Sweet Treats

  • Moong Dhal Balls with Coconut Chutney ($5 / 4 pieces) [pic]
  • Curry Puffs – Chicken or Potato ($5 / 4 pieces) [pic]
  • Dumplings – Pork or Vegetarian, with Home-made Chilli Sauce  ($5 / 4 pieces) [pic]
  • Choc Chip Cookies ($1 each)
  • Banana Cake ($8 / ~500g loaf)