Menu Archive No. 9 1st- 5th August 2016

Menu Archive –  Monday 1st to Friday 5th August 2016

(Current Menu)

Mains – All week

  • Jimmy’s Beef Casserole with Garlic Mash [pic]
  • BBQ Pork with Rice [pic]
  • Malaysian Chicken Curry with Rice  [pic]
  • Kitchari (Rice and Lentils with Mixed Spices), accompanied by Baked Anchovies and Peanuts (optional) [pic]

Daily Specials


  • Meat Special: Braised Pork Belly with Yam [pic]
  • Veggie Special: Kailan with Oyster Sauce 


  • Meat Special: Honey Chicken [pic]
  • Veggie Special: Bean Sprouts with Tofu


  • Meat Special: Prawn Omelette [pic]
  • Veggie Special: Fried White Mushrooms with Capsicum


  • Meat Special: Beef Noodles
  • Veggie Special: Baked Abalone Mushroom in Foil


  • Meat Special: Mapo Tofu (Tofu with Minced Chicken)
  • Veggie Special: Eggplant with Sambal

Nibbles – All Week

  • Moong Dhal Balls with Coconut Chutney [pic]
  • Curry Puffs – Chicken or Potato [pic]
  • Dumplings  – Pork or Vegetarian, with Home-made Chilli Sauce [pic]