Menu Archive No.7 20th June

Menu Archive -From Monday 20th to Friday 24th June

(Current Menu)

Mains – All Week

  • Jimmy’s Beef Casserole with Garlic Mash
  • BBQ Pork with Rice
  • Malaysian Chicken Curry with Rice
  • Mixed Vegetable Delight with Rice

Daily Specials

Monday Special

  • Vegetable Curry with Rice

Tuesday Special

  • Tangy Chicken with Kimchi Fried Rice

Wednesday Special

  • Hainan Chicken Rice

Thursday Special

  • Red Wine Chicken with Pasta

Friday Special

  • Fish and Pineapple Curry with Rice

Nibbles – All Week

  • Curry Puffs – Chicken or Potato
  • Dumplings  – Pork or Vegetarian, with Home-made Chilli Sauce