Menu Archive No.1 – 2nd May 2016

Welcome to out Menu Archive! Here we will be recording our past menu’s of the week so you can see view some of our past delights.

Menu 2nd to 6th May 2016

Monday’s Special

Malaysian Curry Chicken

  • Main: Mild Malaysian Chicken Curry with Fragrant Coconut Rice
  • Vegetarian Option: Wholesome Vegetable and Dhal Curry

Tuesday’s Special

Sweet and Sour

  • Main: Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fragrant Rice
  • Vegetarian Option: Crispy Sweet and Sour Abalone Mushroom

Wednesday’s Special

Malaysian Stew

  • Main: Grandma’s Caramel Pork Stew
  • Vegetarian Option: Tofu, Snowpea and Mushroom Stew

Thursday’s Special


  • Main: Fried Hokkien Noodles with Chicken and Vegetables
  • Vegetarian Option: Spicy Indian Style Vegetarian Fried Noodles

Friday’s Special

Ocean Meal

  • Main: Snapper and Pineapple Curry with Turmeric Yellow Rice
  • Vegetarian Option: Mango and Coconut curry